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hey DashingDaisy,

Thanks for being so honest with us, I know it’s confusing to expect a fast reply and then not hear back. Please know that we work varying hours and are not always able to get back to you within a day.

Our understanding of the technical issues surrounding our SMS service is that messages failing to be sent/received is an inherent characteristic of the technology. In other words, we believe this to be part of the nature of Text messaging, and separate from the website.

We appreciate how mind-blowingly frustrating it is to send a message and not hear back. Grrrr technology! Please keep in mind, that if you have not received a “In Queue. Please wait.” message, then your message did not get thru to us. In this case, please send your message again.

I’m glad you feel comfortable telling us when things aren’t working out on your end. We sincerely want the service to be the best it can, and getting feedback about problems helps us know whats working for ya…or not ;)

Hoping to connect with you soon,
the Support Team

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