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Hi emmybee,

It sounds as though your relationship with your mom is difficult right now and that even though you strive to please your family it feels like the weight of that responsibility is causing you to break.

I can hear how much you care for your friend who is considering suicide and how hard you try to help others in this world. I also hear how reluctant you are to open up to those in your life about your own struggles… it’s as if you’re carrying everyone else’s luggage and yours is in danger of getting left behind or lost without someone to help you. I wonder if there is anyone in your life who you might trust to support you during this time?

I get the sense that music offers you some comfort amidst the pain in your life but sometimes it actually works against you and intensifies the pain… I wonder if there are certain types of music that you find more soothing than others?

We are here to listen when you need to talk — we also have a chat service every night 6-11pm PST if you need some more immediate support.

<3 The Support Team

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