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Today was actually okay :) we are doing a protest this Saturday, and I’ve had lots to do in planning that, and alerting the media so that kept me busy. Then I received a call back from the college I reaaaaaaally want to go to, so that was cool. In class my ex came in for about 15 minutes but I just stayed at the teachers desk, and did some marking for her, and even though her presence was always in mind, I managed to get through better than I’d expected. Last night my friend told me something he’d thought after I tweeted him something, and it related to my girlfriend breaking up with me. His thought was pretty mean, but I dragged it out of him, because he’d mentioned he’d had a thought that was worse than his previous comment about me dating a grade 10.
Another friend mentioned how he and some buddies had seen my ex at the mall, and thought I’d done pretty good to date her. But hey I’m just a loser that was reaching for someone way out of my range, and that’s why I’ve been told nice guys finish last with girls. Because try always chase after the wrong ones, but my girlfriend just seemed so right, and I really believed that we would last forever.

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