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Hey Zebra,

I can hear how completely overwhelmed you are.. it sounds like this stress has been building up and up for a long time now, and you have no way to get any of it out. :( I’m glad you came to youthspace — we’re definitely here to talk about what’s on your mind.

I’m sensing that before your move, you’d been managing to balance everything going on (friends, parents, school, work, adhd..), and even if things weren’t going that smoothly, they were manageable? Things really went downhill with the move though hey? I can hear how isolated you feel with no friends to turn to and get support where you are — especially when the people who are around you are gossiping such hurtful things behind your back. :’(

To answer your question about getting your own place, you can legally move out in BC when you’re 16, but you could lose your right to financial help, and your parents might not be willing to support you financially either. I’m not an expert in legal things or anything though, so if you’re looking for more detailed info, I encourage you to call the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD)… their number is 250.952.4707.

I’m curious how you’ve been dealing with all this stress? It sounds like smoking used to be a way to cope, but you’ve worked hard to give that up… anything been helping you to quit? You mentioned that sometimes things get so bad, you think you’d be better off dead… i’m wondering if suicide has begun to seem like an option for you?

We’re totally ‘hear’ for you to get out your bottled up feelings Zebra.

Take care,
The Support Team. <3

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