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It must seem like the parade of care workers is endless…I can only imagine how tired you are of having to go through the same actions again and again, to the point where you doubt that things will ever change. It’s brought up so many feelings that you’ve had before, and I can hear you asking yourself if it will EVER feel differently. :'(

There’s so much frustration in your words, and I’m guessing that you’re having intense emotions around having to do this again. I know that you are fed up with feeling like a job and being surrounded by care workers who say that they care, but who don’t really seem to see what you’re feeling. My heart goes out to you, Dan…that sounds incredibly isolating. It speaks to the immensity of your pain and exhaustion that you wonder if ending your life is a better option than having to go through the same thing again and feel like nothing more than someone’s job. Please let us know if you feel like you might act on those feelings — we are here to talk about it with you.

I’m glad that you asked about the holiday hours, and that you know now that we’ll be open! I get the sense that Christmas is coming towards you with all kinds of negative memories and thoughts attached, and that you might need some support. We’ll do everything we can to help you through, Dan.
-The Support Team

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