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Welcome to youthspace, Heidi09! You have quite a story…thank you for sharing it with us here. :)

I get the sense that it feels like you’ve been on a wild ride for a long time, tossed about by forces that threatened to overwhelm you. You say that you’ve been to “hell and back”, and I can hear in your words both how agonizing the hell of addiction was at points, and how gratifying it is to have been able to come back from it with the help of the treatment centre. I can hear that it’s still a challenge for you, and I imagine that being away from the people who surrounded you while you were in treatment (your new “family”) is part of the challenge… you must miss them; are you able to keep in touch with those who helped you as you continue with your recovery outside of treatment?

I believe you when you say that every day of being clean and sober is difficult to manage, so please believe me when I say that I think you show a lot of strength and courage in having made it this far. Know that we’re here to support you if you want to talk as you keep walking this path… we’re here for you on the good days and the bad.

-The Support Team

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