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We’re glad to see you on here again. The loneliness that you feel sounds like an abyss — like you’re alone in an emptiness that seems to have no bottom. I get the sense that you feel a huge disconnect between yourself and others, born of the fact that you can’t share your inner turmoil with them because the pain, judgment, and misunderstanding would be too much to handle.

And perhaps because the inner turmoil is too huge to fit into tiny things like words…?

I get the sense that after writing out your original message here, it was probably hard to respond again…maybe it was almost too exhausting to reply? I’m glad you did, and that you expressed those parts of our that response hit home for you. “anything, just to feel some relief” is one that seems to have touched you — I’m wondering if you’ve been thinking about the possibility of suicide as a way to halt the mental agony?

We are here for you allie.
-The Support Team

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